What’s Gonna Happen In College Football

*My college football guy wrote this last week, better late than never. 

2017 College Football Predictions

ACC: Florida State

Atlantic Div: Florida State

Coastal: Miami

-Florida State must navigate a tough road trip in conference to Clemson and home games against Miami and Louisville, along with the season opener against Alabama. If they can get through all of that with no more than 2 losses (which I see only one to Alabama), they will be in the Playoff. Miami wins the coastal for the first time in program history, but does not quite have the depth to overtake FSU…yet. I see a 10-3 regular season for the Canes.

Big 12 Champion: Texas

Runner Up: Oklahoma State

-The Big 12 finally has a championship game again. The Tom Herman factor is real in Austin and he will have them on the cusp of a playoff berth. I believe the talent in Austin along with his coaching abilites make for drastic improvement. I see an 11-2 season for the Horns. The prediction is that their resume is not quite as good as Stanford’s and they are left out. Oklahoma State will finish runner up and lose to UT in the conference title game. The preseason favorite Oklahoma lost their top 2 running backs and their head man Bob Stoops. I see that as a hindrance to an otherwise very good team.

Big Ten Champ: Ohio State

East: Ohio State

West: Wisconsin

-The Big Ten is very deceptive. Ohio State is a legit title contender but I don’t think there’s another top ten team in the conference. Penn State will finish top 20, but the rest is a huge question mark. Wisconsin will finish with 1-2 losses in the regular season, but will not be as a good as the record indicates having to face an easily navigated schedule. The Buckeyes go undefeated regular season but will not come out as National Champs.

Pac 12 Champ: Stanford

North: Stanford

South: USC

-The Pac 12 finally emerged with a legit playoff contender last year in Washington. This year, I believe the Huskies lost too much to return. Stanford lost McCaffrey, but they boast a better pure tailback in Bryce Love and a stout D. Shaw has been close, but I believe this is the year he gets them over the hump and into the playoff. USC is the best in a tough South division and get Washington at the Coliseum. That will be the difference. Stanford will lose 1 game (possibly to USC in the regular season) and make the playoff.

SEC: Alabama

East: Georgia

West: Alabama

-Ho hum, another year, another Alabama SEC Title. They are at the stage where if you ever played the NCAA Football video game where you’d be after about year 4. Just talent upon talent ready to step in and take over for the guys who left. It isn’t that easy, but Saban makes it looks that easy from the outside. This year their powerful offense will be on full display to accommodate for some losses on defense. I see a 1 loss regular season for Bama. Georgia is the class of the East by default. They are the most talented in the division and despite most likely losing 3-4 games I see them winning it. At the end of the year unfortunately I can only see one result and it makes me want to puke…but…Roll Damn Tide.

College Football Playoff Teams:

  1. Ohio State
  2. Alabama
  3. Stanford
  4. Florida State

National Championship:

Alabama over Ohio State

Heisman Trophy Winner:

Saquon Barkley RB Penn State


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