Before you get your fucking panties in a bunch, let me just pre-empt this piece in saying that this has no values behind it. This is not a knock on KD in the fact that he had “the right” to go to Golden State. He did. But fuckin A, this sucks to watch. This series is looking to be completely lopsided.

What was great about watching Mike Tyson beat the pulp out of someone in a mismatched fight was that he beat the pulp out of someone. Do you know how many views a knockout video gets online? People love that stuff. But there’s no knockouts in the NBA. The Cavaliers are going to put their tails between their legs and just say “shit, there was no way we were going to get that done.” There’s just no way they can combat this team. They’re too stacked in every aspect of the game.

Obviously I’ve never given a shit about super teams. It’s debatable that Boston started this whole thing with KG and Ray coming to town. Even with LeBron going to Miami I talked a ton of shit but I knew it was all within the rules. But KD going to the best team of all time (regular season wise) just put it over the top.

I understand parenting from this. When you give an inch, they’ll take a mile and we’re on the verge of watching this league and seeing one of Billy’s little friends without a couple limbs next to his mangled bicycle. Just ruining the fun time at the party.

Here’s where the WNBA needs to sack up and put some pressure on the big boys.┬áRename the teams to something intense. Like the LA Hard Knocks vs the Boston Babes┬áin a final. You give me a 7 game series with Candace Parker dunking over girls and I’ll watch that over this series. Limit the refs to 5 fouls calls a game and watch the fireworks. I’m a business man, what can I say?

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