I’m Rooting For A Floyd Knockout

I’m not going to come out the gates and pretend like I know boxing in and out. I watch big fights maybe once a year. I take a couple boxing classes a week but nothing more than hitting a bag next to a middle aged woman. I’ve never spent a dime on pay per view matches either. Maybe at a bar or streaming them online at most but this is a fight I’m willing to spend a few bucks on, even though most of the experts are saying Conor has no chance at all.

The one thing I know is Floyd’s matches have all been shit to see. I don’t care if you’re a big fan of boxing and the “chess match” that it is between the ropes. His fights blow to watch. It’s like saying you’re a big fan of baseball and love watching pitching duels. I love baseball, but fuck that. I want to see a 11-10 ballgame with a few home runs. Why do you think Mike Tyson’s knockout videos get so much burn on YouTube?
I read Muhammad Ali’s bio a few months ago (yeah I read books, I’m an intellectual, want to fight about it?) and I went and watched some of his fights from back in the day. One of his fights with Sonny Liston was a pure battle. That’s what the seats fill up for. Is two dudes that are going on the offense, and looking to win the fight, not run from it.

So when this fight goes down, I expect everyone to at least have a hand in for Conor. The one good thing Mayweather is good at is promoting but that’s where it ends. It’ll be great for fans to send a message that we don’t want to see a “defensive genius” for the big bouts. Let’s get dudes like McGregor in there who just want to rip people’s faces off.


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