I Hate Trump: North Korea Edition

I don’t hate him but you got sucked into this little masterpiece so keep reading. I don’t like the dude, but I can look at him objectively as the president. He’s been creating a firestorm with his staff but the one thing that is laughable is the left calling him out for creating, or worsening, the situation with North Korea.

That shit’s just not true. North Korea’s leadership has been stirring the pot and looking for world attention like an ignored middle child since the 60’s. Bill Clinton “took care” of the situation when they agreed to stop building nuclear missiles in exchange for South Korea to pay for self sustainable energy.

It’s like Kim Jong is running around the playground giving everyone’s nuts a nice backhand. We offered him a chocolate milk per day (which is a great deal, big chocolate milk fan) to cut the shit, and he’s getting that chocolate milk and he’s back to backhanding dicks. We can’t be having a guy who looks like a kitten and .

Well they didn’t listen, and Kim Jung Un is still building these nukes.

What I don’t understand is how people can’t look at these situations objectively. Grown ass people blaming the whole situation on Trump just looks crazy. They’ve been pieces of shit (their leadership) since Truman was in office. And we may just have to take care of them or at least force China into doing it. Trump may be implementing some kind of trade ban to economically force them to step up. So we’ll have to get our Walmart t-shirts made in nam and they may cost $6 instead of $3.

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