Gotta Love The Scuffs

Julian Edelman and our new guy Stephen Gilmore already got testy today. Blows my mind that Bill gets these guys game ready in week one. If I ever won a Super Bowl? I’d mail it in. My life’s work would be over. My life’s work was boarderline complete when I watched the first banner go up as a fan. But not Bill’s guys.

*Side note, we were talking about CTE and guys getting losing their lives over this shit and the first battle in training camp it’s all forgotten.

So this shit is obviously a non story, these types of scrums happen during training camp all the time. Rodney Harrison used to have a punch thrown at him on the hour every single day of his career, it’s no big thing. But this has a little juice to it, a little MTV per say. It’s Julian, an established and well off star for the boys getting heated at a hold from Stephen Gilmore. The only question that remains is: Is Julian losing his edge?

Bit of a stretch there but sports are boring today.

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