I’m not even mad at this dude for being rich. He’s packing a $10.5M dollar mansion and has a net worth in the ball park of $50M. I’m never going to hate on a dude for getting his and how he spends it but this shit always rubs me the wrong way.

I’m a sucker for some of these “influencers” that I see all the time on YouTube commercials. Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone are the most punchable in the world and they pray on people that have money problems, or people with “big dreams” and sell them on shit. There’s this marketing dude that I get ads all the time from that tries to sell his “Facebook Academy” for $150 a month. That guy can jump off a bridge.

These pastors do a lot of good I’m sure but it has that same feeling to it for me. Especially with all these dudes getting busted for being frauds. John Oliver has the funniest fucking 3 part series about these dudes making millions. The best part about the video is this pastor asking for a couple thousand dollars from people who have credit card debt, and god will reward them with great fortune. It’s incredible:

It’s human nature to want power. This dude loves his power and his money. Make no mistake about that. Tough times for the churches. The Catholic Church busted for basically conducting a children sexual abuse ring and Evangelical pastors getting busted for fraud and keeping those in distress out of their stadiums. Out of their¬†stadiums.¬†

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